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The Magic Dreidels

Children's play

A young boy, a cold night and the start of a holiday in an 18th century village are just a few of the ingredients mixing up this tale of spinning dreidels and naughty neighbors. When young Jakob meets a goblin who offers him dreidels that work miracles, the town busybody becomes jealous and Jakob's father lays down the law. Luckily, the holiday works its own magic as the boy and others learn the true meaning of Hanukkah.

Originally commissioned by the Minnesota Jewish Theatre.

Can be performed by a cast of four: Jakob, his father, neighbor-woman and goblin (any gender.)


"Has the timeless feel of the folk tale Eric Kimmel's book is based upon - and gives youngsters of all backgrounds a lovely glimpse into the traditions of Hanukkah."
Renee Valois, The St. Paul Pioneer Press