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If You Don't Weaken

Combining a pole dancer, crumbling synagogue, feisty friends, 1930s porn videos, a local Jewish day school, religious awakening...and a ghost, If You Don't Weaken centers on a young woman's quest to observe a year-long ritual of mourning for her grandfather.

Produced at Freshwater Theatre, Minneapolis; can be performed by a cast of six: three men, three women


"If You Don't Weaken tells a touching story and asks intriguing questions about mortality, belief, relationships, heritage, and how and when we hold onto some things and let go of others. And yet it never gets bogged down in deep, philosophical musings, and although it has heartbreaking moments, it isn't a sad play; it has a healthy dose of hope and humour. And a pole dancer—did I mention the pole dancer?"
Liz Byron, Aisle Say

"Drama and humor mix with Jewish customs and rituals as Amy sets out on her misadventure of a mission, encountering and recruiting a mixed bag of characters to form the minyan. The play demonstrates the various ways that Jews of all stripes can come to identify with the rituals of our faith and find their own way to recognize HaShem in their lives."
Doris Rubenstein, American Jewish World