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The World to Come

An ultra-orthodox community is challenged by the choices of one its members, a young bride who finds herself unable to conform to its strictures.

Four young women in an ultra-orthodox family gather to celebrate the wedding of one, little knowing it will result in her leaving the community.

Originally commissioned as a one-act by the Jewish Women's Theatre Project and workshopped as a full length at The Producer's Club Theater in New York. Can be performed by a cast of five: four women, two men.


"In Jenna Zark's exceptionally moving Mother of Myriads an Orthodox bride prepares to shave her head - a story of acceptance and tradition but not without inner turmoil."
Backstage West

"It's little wonder that the strongest pieces are about Jewish woman and their relationship with their hair, or as in the case of Jenna Zark's Mother of Myriads, the impending loss of it through the traditional marriage ritual."
Jana J. Monji, L.A. Times