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I am a guest columnist at TC Jewfolk, writing about my relationships to Jewish holidays, rituals and more. Columns have been reprinted in MinnPost, the Star Tribune and Jewesses with Attitude among others.

You can find my columns here.

Articles have also appeared in Scholastic, Woodbury, Minnesota Bride and Midwest Home and poetry has appeared in Stoneboat literary journal.

The Beat on Ruby's Street

The Beat on Ruby's Street is my novel for young readers (age 10 and up) about an 11-year-old Beat girl's adventures in 1958 Greenwich Village.

There's a guy in the neighborhood who wrote a book on toilet paper.* They made it into a real book but when he first wrote it you could unravel it all the way uptown and back again.

His name is Jack Kerouac and I was on my way to see him at The Scene, when I got waylaid by a blood orange. Now I'm in the police station and my mother's going to eat me alive.

* Is this true or a rumor? Find out, along with Ruby, at the end of the book.
The Beat on Ruby's Street cover photo


Wishing Shelf Award

"Narrated by precocious eleven-year-old Beat girl Ruby, this coming-of-age tale, set in a world of rebels, rule-breakers and dream makers, is engaging and full of heart."

— Annie Wilder, author of House of Spirits and Whispers

"A journey into the heart of the Beat Generation and the complexities of family relationships. Zark's writing is sensitive and highly engaging."

— Katia Novet Saint Lot, author of Amadi's Snowman

"A beautifully realized and researched novel, The Beat on Ruby's Street allows us to see the Beat movement through Ruby's perspective, a girl raised by well-meaning but inattentive artists. Zark's use of language is stunning, and I lost myself for a couple of hours in mid-century New York. Neither Ruby or Zark ever make easy choices, in the best possible way."

— Ruth Virkus, co-creator of Tyme for Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel by Megan Morrison